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In the following posts, one member on L4P who represents a group of photographers decided enough is enough with DMC. So he started a thread warning potential customers about the company that has used their photos illegally to 'plug' DMC's stuff, in an attempt to get the $6500 he claims is owed to them for the pictures. As time dwindles on, SenorCeeb started pulling DMC's skeletons out of the closet for all to see and it ended with a BANG! I'm sure many in the car culture have heard of DMC's kits for Lamborghini's, especially a grey Aventador being posted all over the internet. Without further ado, here is the story and the truth that Greg Schoner is a con man. For the entire thread, see the link above and every picture can be opened in a new tab for a bigger picture.

Note: For those that don't want to read for an enormous amount of time, jump down towards the bottom where the updates start. You'll get the picture without watching the movie. GTspirit also has a nice short article about DMC's actions, which can be found near the bottom of the page.

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*My apologies for chain posting. Not sure if there's a rule against that but I strongly would not like to skimp out on details* *for all images, the link under each photo is a larger version linked- the image wouldn't fit otherwise*

Hello L4P,

I was a third party associate of DMC.Tuning.Germany for a little less than a year and boy are is it an interesting company.

As a disclaimer, the motive behind this post is because of the extremely unprofessional manner in which DMC.Tuning.Germany operates and treats third parties as well as customers. They owe a small amount of money to my photographer and I for multiple photo shoots that we did for them. In the grand scheme of things, the manner which they treat third parties shouldn't necessarily affect…. you per se; unfortunately, the reality is, it does. Here's why.


Before I begin with how DMC.Tuning.Germany affects you I'd like to elaborate a bit on how my personal experience with them has been. I am the agent for a small handful of photographers one of which is Marcel Lech Photography (MLP). MLP has done 5 shoots for DMC.Tuning.Germany, mostly photos and a couple videos, ranging from Toro kit Gallardo in Vancouver, Molto Veloce Aventador in Miami, 430 Conversion kit in Vancouver, McLaren Velocita in Vancouver, Molto Veloce with Bugatti Vitesse in Vancouver, and video for Molto Veloce SV in Hong Kong.

Marcel Lech Photography agreed to shoot a majority of these cars free of charge, as we are driven as a group of enthusiast rather than a corporation, under the strict condition that no alterations would be done to the photos and that they were not for commercial use (they can share it on Facebook but not make posters or catalogues ...etc). In the case that there are alterations or commercial use, there would be fees. In essence, our original intentions healthily promotes not only DMC.Tuning.Germany but MLP as well as some of these kits have never previously been photographed professionally. Sadly, literally not one single one of our shoots was left untampered.

Every time we shot a car that was remotely DMC.Tuning.Germany related, DMC.Tuning.Germany would steal the picture or video, put massive watermarks on it, and post it on their L4P, Facebook, Instagram, Youku, Weibo, Vimeo and other social media platforms. Sure, you could say "well so what? you put it online, right click save as bro". Do keep in mind this is supposedly a [I]professional[/I] company. If I took wonderful pictures of my iPhone, does that mean Steve Job from his grave owns my photo? No, not in the slightest. DMC.Tuning.Germany went as far as posting up stretched out, butchered, and hideously watermarked photos, that belonged to us, on their corporate website without our consent for their online catalogue. They have since taken it down since we are pursuing legal actions. Here’s a screen shot of what it use to look like.


They also printed thousands of copies of altered photos in their catalogues to be distributed around the world also without our consent. These McLaren Velocita photos in the catalogue were from the last shoot we ever did with them, we explicitly through phone calls and emails said if these photos were to ever be used commercially we would have to be paid, they agreed to these terms upon using the photos. Even our watermark is removed.


Enough about us, let's talk more about DMC.Tuning.Germany.

For anybody with a pair of eyes, the spoiler on the official McLaren Velocita release was crappily photoshopped in by someone in DMC.Tuning.Germany in almost all the photos. There's a reason why it had to be photoshopped in. It was literally a piece of shit. DMC.Tuning.Germany sold the kit to an unsuspecting customer in Vancouver. The kit arrived. The shop tried to install everything. The shop had to cut in to the OEM McLaren bumper to install the the front lip. Everything went on except for the rear spoiler. Why? SURPRISE! This was actually a prototype unbeknownst to anybody. It wasn't possible to install or use as it kept hitting the car when the spoiler deployed; you had to deploy the spoiler to install it. German engineering my ass. If this was your McLaren would you have paid 25k+? Don't even get me started on how the whole kit was misaligned. There were huge gaps everywhere on the thing. It looks great in photos or from a far, but I wouldn't want to the kit even if it was free. It is garbage. The car currently still drives around locally without a DMC.Tuning.Germany spoiler as they have yet to send a replacement- the car was shot back in February... It's mid May now. DMC.Tuning.Germany also refuses to refund the customer and pay for damages to OEM parts. The spoiler wasn't just "kind of off" it was a whole two inches too low. Installers had to put cloth in the area of contact to prevent denting and scratches. How does a company mess a whole two inches up? What are they doing in their “GERMAN R&D HEAD QUARTER IN DUSSELDORF” ? How does a [I]professional[/I] company sell a prototype kit without mentioning it once?

Here's an onset photo from the shoot- notice how there's no spoiler.


MLP went down to Miami back in November last year with DMC.Tuning.Germany, I'm sure a lot of you saw our photos or videos of the grey Molto Veloce Aventador cruising next to palm trees.


Wanna hear a joke? DMC.Tuning.Germany.

Similar to the McLaren Velocita kit, there were issues with the installation. there were awkward gaps in the front bumper and the spoiler ran an error code- just like the white one from Los Angeles [B]and every other DMC Molto Veloce Aventador[/B]. In order for the German engineered wing to not rip off, the dynamic actuator had to be disengaged. This caused a check engine light error code to constantly pop up. Yet again, ask yourselves, would you want to pay 25k+ for a kit that has misalignment issues and an error code that can never go away? I certainly wouldn't. Sure it looks passable from afar, but so does a girl terribly bad acne. Its in the details that kits like Masonry and Hamann costs so much, sadly there was no detail in execution to these DMC.Tuning.Germany kits.


Here's a video screen shot of the check engine light

Here's the link to the video

I've reached out the Greg Schoner the CEO of DMC.Tuning.Germany multiple times and more recently, heavily in regards to the McLaren Velocita photos through phone as well as email. Heads up to anyone that has problems with the company, he "shares" the company email with his accountant, Thorston. Greg Schoner replies under Thorston's name to lose the heat when things go bad with the company. In fact he did this right now right before this post when I reached out to him. Greg Schoner on the phone claimed he had no knowledge that he was, without authorization using our photos, altering our photos, and printing our photos in his company brochures. He also claimed " a lot of things go by me without my knowledge". What was the most insulting part of it all was when asked what he plans on doing about our situation he replied with "It's the weekend here, bai bai" and hangs up followed by frantic emails from "Thorston". Does anyone here know the definition of Chief Executive Officer? Greg Schoner certainly doesn't.


Greg Schoner takes no responsibility for anything illegal or negative that his company does and always deflects it hoping it goes away. Greg’s mentality is that whenever there’s a DMC.Tuning.Germany car in any media be it video or photo, he is entitled to them even if he sold the kit and in no way has ownership of the car. He has no sense of what the meaning copyright infringement means. From my standpoint DMC.Tuning.Germany has the mentality of “We’re helping you, the photographer, spread your beautiful photos to the masses even though we butchered it for commercial use, took off your watermark, shoved our big logo on it, and not given you any type of credit- but you should still thank us. No one would’ve seen your photos if it wasn’t for us. Seriously, you’re welcome.” Trust me, we’re not the only photography group that DMC.Tuning.Germany has done this too. There are individuals or groups of photographer from Europe, Singapore, Vancouver (other than us), Los Angeles... just to name a few.

Still think DMC is legitimate? Take a look at their website. When you read “about” them theres a slide show depicting their “GERMAN R&D HEAD QUARTER IN DUSSELDORF”.

If you do a reverse google image search of the building, a number of odd things come up.


1. This is in no way DMC.Tuning.Germany’s “GERMAN R&D HEAD QUARTER IN DUSSELDORF” building but instead a cellphone related company called Tectrum/Mimoon. Here’s a google streetview link of the exact building.

2. This building isn’t even in Dusseldorf. It’s actually 28 km away in a town called Duisburg. If you’re curious on how to get there here’s a google directions to the building in the photo from the actual given “GERMANY (R&D + Manufacturing)” address listed under their “contacts”https://maps.google.ca/maps?saddr=Hee…


Well what’s the place that’s actually given under “GERMANY (R&D + Manufacturing)” in their contacts?

It’s actually some ghetto looking place with graffiti on the walls. Quote them their “GERMANY (R&D + Manufacturing)” is at “40549 Düsseldorf, Germany”


Here’s the direct link on Google maps if you don’t believe me. https://maps.google.ca/maps?q=Heerdte…



With the evidence that I’ve presented, and I certainly hope you’re convinced that DMC.Tuning.Germany lacks absolute integrity as a company and as a CEO. The burning question is where are these parts made then? Well from my point of view, judging from the shoddy-ness of the actual parts, and the fact that their “manufacturing plant" is actually making cellphone related stuff aka non-existent, in my opinion, chances are it’s where your shirt is made. Is your shirt made in Germany?

If anyone bothers checking, most of the pictures under the “CARBON FIBRE” tab. The slideshow consists of pictures from the machining company’s brochures... like the people that make the machine, not "workers" in “DMC’S GERMAN R&D HEAD QUARTER IN DUSSELDORF” using it. http://photos.dmc.ag/Carbon_Manufac…

Whether or not you care that the DMC.Tuning.Germany sells misaligning kits, prototypes without customer's knowledge, refuses refunds, does not follow through with replacing broken parts, sends out broken parts knowing full well they’re broken, and the fact that their manufacturing plant is in fairyland is your call. I’ll agree the kits do look nice, but with everything else in mind I certainly wouldn’t endorse them at all. Would you really want to buy something from a guy that posts this on their company Facebook page? Last time I checked, the only mediocrely publicly acceptable personalities to flip the bird are rappers... and even then at best it’s mediocrely acceptable.


Here are some other pictures that might be interesting to you Their links are dead since we filed copy right infringement.


puddy being used on the corners of the DMC.TUNING.Germany F430 Scuderia Conversion

To anyone that has questions and especially the admins in regards to story, feel free to post below I have no issues clarifying anything. I simply want what rightfully belongs to me and my photographer.


Context- We shot a Molto Veloce Lamborghini Aventador travelling with a Bugatti Vitesse out in the wild. Not paid by any party, just tipped off.

Overnight after we posted our picture up, DMC.TUNING.Germany took our pictures, and put a DMC logo on all of them.



They even watermarked this photo as well, somehow I didn't take a screen shot of it... The Molto Veloce isn't even in focus... They're just trying to pump up their company status "LOOK MA! MY COMPANY GOT SHOT WITH A BUGATTI!"


It has since been taken down on their Facebook page- I reported the infringement.


On a side note, I should probably take some photoshopping lessons, this took me forever to blank out names.

DMC Tuning Germany, which is a member and currently a sponsor of L4P, responded once...

Statement DMC Exotic Car Tuning

We feel that it's very important, that all readers have the opportunity to understand why Mr. Justin Cheung came up with these accusations against our company.


PHOTOS: Justin Cheung is a friend of our former Canadian / North American DMC importer in Vancouver. We had to stop the relation with the particular importer, for reasons that don't need to be detailed here.

As with most new products that DMC develops, we offer the first one, free or at cost, to our dealers, in return for photos / videos and fitment assessment. The same case happened with our new McLaren MP4 kit, and we were promised free photos. As we learned later, after the damage was done, our importer never paid the photographer, nor did he arrange that the complete rights to the photos were transferred to himself.

In business, 2 partners agree on terms and exchange value. Our importer received the product, but we did not receive anything back. The excuse was that photos were made (through Justin), but that just the rights were not ours. This was never our arrangement, we offer a product, and expect a certain value or service in return. You can say that this shows one of the reasons, why we had to part from that importer.


Afterwards, we received several messages, be it phone calls or emails from Mr. Justin Cheung. He threatened us, to pay up for the photos he made for our importer, he would otherwise destroy our name.

There was no business relation, nor agreement between DMC and Justin Cheung.

There are several emails, more than Justin has showed on this platform, in which he tried getting money from us. He also continued to raise the price in each of his emails. One could get the impression that we was black mailing us.


We have no interest to follow his game in posting private conversations, nor do we have the time to do so. We are a professional company that will not put someone into spotlight, who has a personal vendetta planned against us.

AVENTADOR WARN LIGHT: The photo Justin marked shows a warning light for engine problems, why is that related to DMC? This is rather the cause of an exhaust, which is not from DMC. [B]McLAREN MP4 WING:[/B] As stated above, it was a prototype handed to our importer. It's perfectly natural that a prototype, which has not yet reached production phase, has bugs. We expect our dealers to come up with a solution which is then sent back to us to improvement.

As for the front spoiler which was broken: We really try to pack our products extremely well, but now and then even we can't prevent a transport damage. If this happens through DMC, clients will get a replacement, if it happens through our importers, they are responsible to claim with the shipping company.


It is correct that DMC's MP4 kit requires de-installation for the lower front bar. This process is reversible, but our importer was informed at all times.

FERRARI 430 KIT: This kit is an upgrade kit for the normal 430 to look like Scuderia, it's not a copy.

WHITE F430 SCUDERIA: This car belongs to our dealer in Switzerland. Since DMC's rims are not street legal there, the dealer decided to put on these beautiful Novitec Rims. However, Exhaust, Space and Springs are from DMC, which certainly makes us involved. The car did receive a DMC GERMANY sticker, as it was part of the MONACO PALLA RALLEY, in which all cars received sponsor stickers.


LOCATION IN GERMANY: We have changed our location of sales and production at least 6 times, and we can sell / manufacture where we feel right. It seems not important to anybody but to Justin Cheung that there is a graffiti on the Google Streetview image. At this moment, product development are done in Germany, and our sales and main warehouse is in Switzerland, Zug. We think it does not matter where the premises are located, in Ghetto or not, as long we delivery good quality at a fair price.

I think we could spend many more hours writing, but we don't have the time, not interest to go down to the level of Justin Cheung.

DMC is a company which puts a lot of attention to customer satisfaction. If any client has a problem, we will try our best to solve it. Up to today we did not cheat any client, nor did we leave any client without help.


The reason, why Justin Cheung is trying to report negatively about DMC, is solely because he was not paid by his contractor, our former importer. That importer is not associated with DMC any more, he can't sell our parts any longer, and hence has lost revenue.

We think, that all that has been said. We invite ALL OF YOU, to come by Switzerland to visit our new workshop and warehouse, to make YOUR OWN image of what DMC really stands for.

On behalf of all DMC Exotic Car Tuning, we wish you a nice day.

DMC Team World (All DMC Dealers Globally)

SenorCeeb made quick work of the reply...

My name can stay up, I have nothing to hide. Its not like I've been sued multiple times...unlike some people.


"We had to stop the relation with the particular importer, for reasons that don't need to be detailed here." You stopped relations with the particular importer...? I beg to differ and I think so will he. In fact I'm, and probably L4p, is interested in these details on why you stopped relations.

"and we were promised free photos" It was made clear that photos are free strictly if they're unaltered and for non-commercial use. Using our photos in thousands of copies of unauthorized print brochures without our watermark definitely infringes copyright. As I mentioned, we're a group of enthusiast that enjoy shooting cars be it for our own personal use or for free under conditions. We adamantly have an issue if someone is financially benefiting from our free work.

"There are several emails, more than Justin has showed on this platform, in which he tried getting money from us. He also continued to raise the price in each of his emails. One could get the impression that we was black mailing us. "For the record, we wanted 4000$, which is more than reasonable considering photo shoots in the U.S can range give or take 1000$ per shoot for [U]commercial use[/u], in settlement in trade for everything DMC we have ever shot (including shots in the wild such as the Bugatti Vitesse with DMC Aventador) for whichever butchering/marketing purpose they felt appropriate as well as unpaid work for a video we edited- they agreed to pay us a measly 150$ for that. Upon learning DMC printed thousands of copies of printed brochures without our consent we raised the price to 6700$ That was the one and the only time we have ever changed our price.


"The photo Justin marked shows a warning light for engine problems, why is that related to DMC? This is rather the cause of an exhaust, which is not from DMC." Greg, you are extremly lucky I tore down your photos of that car on Facebook for copyright infringement. The description for the photos boasted that the exhaust was from DMC which was one of the reasons why it got "200+hp" along with the "engine upgrades". With your logic in mind, and with this post in mind,



One could argue that it be attributed to your "2.7 seconds engine" that would be causing the engine light to go off. From what I gather from the post, you're insinuating that the car shown has your engine in it aren't you? If you are instead simply boasting about a 2.7 second engine unrelated to the car shown, that's kind of misleading wouldn't you say?


In all honesty, the Molto Veloce from Miami is genuinely 2.7 seconds, however it is in no way due to the aesthetic kit nor any performance upgrades made by DMC, as it had no DMC related performance upgrades- especially a 2.7 DMC engine. It ran 2.7 seconds before the kit. I would know, I stared at the car for a week straight making the video and sat in it during all the promotion videos. Wouldn't you say this post is false advertisement...?

"As stated above, it was a prototype handed to our importer. It's perfectly natural that a prototype, which has not yet reached production phase, has bugs. We expect our dealers to come up with a solution which is then sent back to us to improvement.

As for the front spoiler which was broken: We really try to pack our products extremely well, but now and then even we can't prevent a transport damage. If this happens through DMC, clients will get a replacement, if it happens through our importers, they are responsible to claim with the shipping company."


I never mentioned, the parts being broken... unless you're referring to it horribly misaligning or another failed McLaren kit. Given this was a prototype, which DMC.TUNING.GERMANY did not explicitly make clear to the customer or any party, why is the McLaren currently still not sporting the DMC spoiler then? Is it because it has not yet arrived? That's probably it. As I've asked before, what on earth is the R&D department doing...? What R&D department messes up a whole 2 inches for the spoiler? I know the answer to this but I'll ask anyways, did you even dry fit it once before it was shipped to Vancouver?

I find DMC.TUNING.Germany's explanation for the McLaren Velocita to be odd, it seems like an awful lot of trouble, to send a prototype out to Vancouver from "Germany", just to test for bugs- shipping costs money, not to mention the time wasted spent shipping. As I've asked multiple times, what is the R&D department doing then?

"This car belongs to our dealer in Switzerland. Since DMC's rims are not street legal there, the dealer decided to put on these beautiful Novitec Rims. However, Exhaust, Space and Springs are from DMC, which certainly makes us involved. The car did receive a DMC GERMANY sticker, as it was part of the MONACO PALLA RALLEY, in which all cars received sponsor stickers."


LOL. If I you changed a single bolt to a DMC.TUNING.Germany, does that mean it's technically a DMC car? Personally, given that it's sporting Novitech I feel this is fairly misleading... I should make a poll. I highly doubt Mansory or Hamann would put their logos on a DMC.TUNING.Germany car simply due to invisible upgrades and drive around in a rally- or anywhere for that matter.

I don't see any exhaust system, space(?), or springs listed under your company 430 page http://dmc.ag/overview.php?a…, is the exhaust not on the catalogue? The only exhaust system I see is the Titav one for the Lamborghini. The only spring on your entire site I could find is for the Maserati Gran Turismo. I don't see any "space(r)" for sale listed anywhere on your site either for any car.

LOCATION IN GERMANY Does anyone else find it weird that Greg Schoner the CEO of the German company is the distributor for Hong Kong? Sure he speaks Mandarin, but that's awfully fishy.


I agree with The Judge. You would think a company would want to publicly resolve this issue instead of saying "we don't have the time".

Greg, this is far from over. You shouldn't have stolen our work, you should have paid what belonged to us. This is about to get really interesting.

Then another member, vanity exotic, added his personal experience with DMC...

Alright guys. I was not going to post onto this thread as the evidence provided by senorceeb is a clear reflection of the integrity, unprofessionalism, and overall "shadyness" of this company. However, since DMC is trying to remove responsibility of their actions from Greg to accuse myself, I feel, as the previous "IMPORTER", the L4P community should be made well aware of the full situation.


FYI: I just registered a new account to post this as I was previously using [email]USA@DMC.TUNING.GERMAN[/email]Y (when I was still their distributor). I am in no way still affiliated with DMC NOR Marcel Lech Photography.

"We had to stop the relation with the particular importer, for reasons that don't need to be detailed here."



Check this out:

NOTE: Part of the email shaded out in BLACK b/c it does include one of my clients name and an order that has nothing to do with the premise of my post.


"The reason, why Justin Cheung is trying to report negatively about DMC, is solely because he was not paid by his contractor, our former importer. That importer is not associated with DMC any more, he can't sell our parts any longer, and hence has lost revenue."

AGAIN..LIES!!! Its funny how a company keeps lying in hopes this problem will be resolved, but in actuality, it really just digs the hole deeper and deeper. At this point, DMC still does not understand WHY this issue is made public. DMC is claiming that the sole reason why Senorceeb is posting is b/c he was not paid for shooting a job.

"As with most new products that DMC develops, we offer the first one, free or at cost, to our dealers, in return for photos / videos and fitment assessment. The same case happened with our new McLaren MP4 kit, and we were promised free photos. As we learned later, after the damage was done, our importer never paid the photographer, nor did he arrange that the complete rights to the photos were transferred to himself."


Firstly, DMC FULLY aware of the terms of the photos. The agreement always was: that the photos are NOT to be used for commerical reasons (aka printing catalogs - which greg was FULLY aware of and had agreed to) besides facebook , MLP watermarks to remain and not be removed. All of which were disregarded.

Heres an email that was forwarded to DMC via myself (from Justin)


"As stated above, it was a prototype handed to our importer. It's perfectly natural that a prototype, which has not yet reached production phase, has bugs. We expect our dealers to come up with a solution which is then sent back to us to improvement"

I was informed this was a product ready for a customer. At this point, I welcome DMC to post SOME PROOF that this product was indeed a "prototype" instead of making non-existing complete BS allegations

I'm sorry DMC. This time, you cant bullshit your way out of this.

And the saga continues, with SenorCeeb.

Release #2.1

Since my post yesterday, a number of unsatisfied customers have been brought to my attention, some of which have reached out to me. Here is the first of many releases of unsatisfied DMC.TUNING.Germany customer.


*Note for mods* The owner of this specific posts wishes to remain anonymous. With that said, I can control what I disclose. However, I cannot say the same for DMC.TUNING.Germany. Please be vigilant in regard protecting privacy in regards to the owner, the work place, contact information...etc. If DMC.TUNING.Germany has any integrity what so ever as a company, they will respect that.

*Note: the conversation happened over the phone and was later followed up with an email with photo attachments. This is simply a summary of the owner's story without details jeopardizing the individual.*

The owner met Greg over a purchase that didn't go through on Ebay 3 years ago. The owner wanted never before seen customizations for his 2006 Murcielago.


The reason that was given to the owner by Greg Schoner why DMC.TUNING.Germany did not send the kits was because "the moulds were stolen by someone from Poland" (apparently there are spies in the aftermarket car game?)

In order to recreate a new kit for the owner's Lamborghini LP640, capital money was needed in order to create new moulds. The owner obliged however was left standing for 20 weeks without a kit.

When the kits did arrive "They were f****** warped as shit! They'd never fit even in a millinon years!". When the owner called Greg Schoner, Greg responded with "We mocked it up after the first gen Murcielagos. We figured it might have been slightly off but could've still worked. I noticed it was slightly warped, can't you just touch it up?". The owner never received replacement parts (this sounds very similar to the DMC McLaren Velocita story) and was stuck with a warped diffuser kit.


The owner also pitched in his 2 cents in regards to the origin of the parts "Everything was shipped out from Hong Kong, there's a reason why Greg is the distributor there, you can deduce the stuff is made there or in China"

The owner also mentioned thoughts on Thorston. "Greg uses alisases to make his company bigger than what it really is".

That would explain why when you call the Germany "R&D headquarters + manufacturing plant" it goes straight to voicemail. What kind of accountant works on weekends and gets appointed to reply to emails threatening the company anyways? Odd much?


When I asked for photos of the kit (diffuser), he sent me these photos. He no longer owns the car, and also noted that the DMC aluminum emblem was not on the older kits from back then. (the new McLaren Velocita diffuser I helped shoot didn't have a emblem on the diffuser either- so it might be due to which component it is.)

Pictures speak for themselves. The circles and measurements were entirely put in by the owner.


Here's the email as well.


This is the first post of this sub story. There is more coming.

Greg Schoner, is it just me or is it getting hot in here? The longer it takes me to get my cheque the more I'm going to dig. This is only the surface.

Release 2.2

To follow up with 2.1, the owner sent me this picture to reassure me he did buy things, and that it was not only the rear diffuser for the Murcielago from DMC.


If there is any doubt that the Murcielago kit was not DMC.TUNING.Germany's (yes I realize it says California rear diffuser), the picture is to stress that the shipping was in fact not from Germany but instead Hong Kong.

The real fun is about to begin. Greg Schoner, I'm calling you out. I want my money. If you don't want anymore releases, you better pay up. You have my contacts.


Here's a protip 6700$

And then... the fireworks! SenorCeeb drags the skeletons out of the closet!

Release 3.0.Game Over Greg Schoner.

DMC.TUNING.Germany, I see you have been making posts on your Facebook page, yet I, as well as the rest of L4P community, have been left standing waiting for a reply- this is all too similar to how I have been left standing waiting for your cheque. The parallels are uncanny. What's the point of hyping up your kits if no one is going to buy them? Perhaps this will entice you to come reply and clear things up.


Don't say I didn't warn you. I simply asked for what you owed MLP. You could've saved your garbage company for a couple more scams.

Wanna hear the rest of the joke Greg Schoner?

knock knock. Who's there? Angry mob. Angry mob who? Angry mob you sold marked-up rebranded Chinese kits to.


I should take up journalism or something.

Let's start with a post DMC.TUNING.Germany made 2 months ago on March 24th 2013.

All parts are made in Germany, but yes out first client is from Guangdong. China is DMC's Nr.1 market, lots of money for all tuners being made there."


Odd, I found something contradicting this statement just last night when I kept digging- since you never paid.

Greg Schoner, did Thorsten pass over the message from last week when I told him, you wouldn't want to miss the fireworks show? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it would appear he is now fired(?)/never existed/hidden away according to the updated contact directory on your website. It would also appear that you have stepped down from distributing in Hong Kong as well as "sold off"/"hidden away" your "GERMAN R&D + MANUFACTURING HEADQUARTERS". Is there a reason for this? [I]I'm probably wrong[/I], but I guess you can never be too careful with your locations especially because of those meddling "polish spies stealing your moulds" and everything.

Here's DMC.TUNING.Germany's contact page.

This was the contacts page before my post


This is currently what the contacts page looks like

Just as an FYI Greg, you might want to take down the slideshow showing "your old R&D Manufacturing plant" under the "about" tab.


Either way, I hope you like fireworks Greg Schoner.

L4P, let's talk about something else other than DMC.GERMANY.Tuning- like this neat company I found that makes wonderful kits for high-end cars, just like DMC.TUNING.Germany! LOL.

I was reading an old GTspirit article yesterday from January 12th 2012 on DMC.TUNING.Germany taking on the engineering challenge of producing the famous Super Veloce style wing.


Here's the link: http://www.gtspirit.com/2012/06/15/off…

The beige car in the background of the second picture in the article looked as though it was produced for the Asian market. The license plate appeared to be slightly blurred out but none the less it had a blue hue.


After more reverse image tracking, look what I found Greg. It would appear a company called http://www.flymotor.net/ ???????????FLYMOTOR??????? (FYI- the site loads really slowly, especially the pictures), from China, is actually producing DMC.TUNING.Germany's components for DMC's Lamborghini LP570 Toro kit. Wait, aren't DMC parts supposedly made in Germany?

For the press release used by DMC.TUNING.Germany, Greg Schoner, didn't even bother taking his own photos of the China-made kit, Greg just used the same photos off Flymotor's website.

Here's the exact same picture that DMC.TUNING.Germany used for their press release but on the Flymotor website instead. What was previously the blue hue is now fully visible- for the record blue license plates are common in China.


Here's the link: http://www.flymotor.net/product.asp?So…

Well, who is Flymotor then? Well their slogan, located under their logo on every single enlarged picture, is "Aero Bodykit Development Factory". They're a company based in China that manufacture kits for cars like Lamborghinis, Maseratis, and Ferraris as well as many others. According to the page, after using Google Translate, here's what comes up under "about".


Here's the link: http://www.flymotor.net/about.asp

I then looked at all the other kits Flymotor makes. A lot of them look shockingly identical to DMC.TUNING.Germany's kits.


DMC.TUNING.Germany's Maserati Sovrano 2011 kit

Here's the link: http://dmc.ag/overview.php?a…

Here's the exact same photo on Flymotor's website.


Here's the link: http://www.flymotor.net/product.asp?So…

Take a look at the DMC.TUNING.Germany California Surfista (what a hideous name!)


Here's the link: http://dmc.ag/Ferrari_Califo…

Here's the link: http://flymotor.net/product.asp?So…

There's a couple more kits that could be made by Flymotor that DMC is re-branding as their own, however they are coversion kits like the lp670 conversion. I can't tell for sure, but you could certainly infer.


In essence, DMC.TUNING.Germany, is purchasing Chinese aftermarket kits from mainland China, putting on DMC emblems on them, shipping them to Hong Kong, and then selling it to the rest of the world for an insanely marked up price. This is worse than buying an fake Iphone in Chinatown. At least, the fake Iphone would be a fraction of the real one's price.

No wonder there's misalignment issues, no wonder the German CEO of the German aftermarket kit company is the distributor for Hong Kong, no wonder everything is shipped out from there. It all makes sense.

It may be rhetorical, but where is all the money that was sent in to supposedly make moulds? (hint: a lot of kits never showed up) Perhaps "Thorston", or maybe not since he may have been fired(?), could answer that. If "Thorston" did get fired, that means the lovely CEO Greg Schoner will have the pleasure of explaining everything.


I'm sure there is just some misunderstanding.

It is due to the lack of integrity, respect, and honesty DMC.TUNING.Germany and more specifically Greg Schoner is now in this predicament. You have plenty to explain. You owe it to your customers, the forums you sponsor, and to the hardworking people that represent the brand.

The 6700$ probably looks like a bargain right now.

This was the last email I ever sent DMC.TUNING.Germany on April 26th 2013.


Has a sponsor ever been dropped by L4P?

Game over Greg.

[Update] SenorCeeb has released the next part in this saga. Where does it end?

Release 4.0

After two days of releases, there are more shocking things coming from DMC.TUNING.Germany. Yet still no response from them.


As a note, I spent a lot of time doodling on these, you better enjoy it.

The tipster would like to remain anonymous.

I'd like to show L4P a wonderfully designed kit, by genuine German engineering, from Novitech. It's pretty RAD! Seriously, I mean that.


Here's the link: http://www.novitecrosso.com/produkte/458/4…

Now let's take a look at the 458 kit made by DMC.TUNING.Germany. on their actual site.


Here's the link: http://dmc.ag/overview.php?a…

WAIT. Is this the Novitech's photo with just photoshopped parts on? DMC wouldn't do that would they? The parts don't even look carbon fibre... Are they made of lead or something?


Here's the link:


The tipster expressed thoughts on why there are photoshopped pieces on the photo. "I'm certain that the photos were copied from Novitech, and photoshopped with DMC.TUNING.Germany parts to sell the kits. They didn't do a photoshoot until they actually sold a kit. I pretty sure they don't have a testing facility."

In reality I can sympathize with DMC.TUNING.Germany, you can't sell a kit without a picture. But at the same time you can't just take someone else's picture, photoshop it, and use it for your own commercial purposes. I guess this is where paying photographers to take lovely photos of your functioning prototypes fits in.

This was mentioned yesterday by Zahid.

On a side note, in light of all the confusion about the company, wonderful news everyone. DMC.TUNING.Germany also produces upholstery. Not just any upholstery- Bugatti upholstery. Well that is according to reverse google image search.


Take a look for yourselves.

Here's an article about the upholstery on Dupont Registry. Here's the link: http://www.dupontregistry.com/autos/NewsCent…


Here's the link: http://dmc.ag/Leather_Manufa…

Release 5.0?

So, DMC Tuning Germany has sold Chinese parts made by Flymotor to unsuspecting customers, stolen countless photos from photographers, ADV1, Dupont Registry and Novitec Rosso; most likely without their consent. DMC is also claiming Novitec's parts as their own, most likely at a large mark up to boot. Where does this story end? I've personally talked to a few individuals who have been screwed by DMC Tuning Germany and are either looking for another source for carbon fiber parts or are still waiting for parts that have been paid for months ago.


[Update #2] A person who wants to remain anonymous has tipped me off to yet another example of DMC trying to claim they made a product produced by another company! The anonymous tipster is heavily involved in the automotive aftermarket and is a distributor for very well known products produced by reputable companies.

Back in the summer of 2012, DMC got some limelight over on GTspirit.com for a X pipe exhaust made for an Aventador.

"After spending about six months with the Italian supercar, German tuner DMC is finally ready to launch an improved exhaust system for the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.


The luxury refiners from Dusseldorf took out the old system, did a 3D scan of the space left behind, and went back to the drawing board. Instead of inventing a new system, DMC came up with an improved exhaust based on the original. As a positive side-effect, the new machinery fits right back into place, and makes installation very easy.

After being put on the dyno, the Aventador showcases an improved +15hp. The system is made of a lightweight material, Titanium. Unfortunately, we not have a video to showcase the new improved soundtrack. We hope that DMC will provide us one soon.

The exhaust is part of a SV/J body kit, which is coming soon!"


Here's the link: http://www.gtspirit.com/2012/07/05/off…

The exhaust is actually made by Supercar Specialists!


The image with the DMC logo was taken straight off of Supercar Specialists Facebook page!
Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid…

It seems that DMC will stop at nothing to rip off every single company they come across!

[Update #3] Vanity Exotic has posted another response detailing DMC's lies and shoddy business practices. This saga seems to have an endless supply of personal experiences and people are starting to come out of the wood works to speak up about the true nature of DMC Tuning 'Germany'.


For all those who havent seen my first post, I USED to be DMC's exclusive distributor for North America (they've burnt through 4 distributors in 3-4 years BTW).

Unlike what DMC claims that THEY parted with me, I VOLUNTARILY RELIEVED MYSELF OF THE POSITION ON APRIL 19th 2013.



I'm writing this as they've made MORE LIES AGAIN (when the F does this stop?!).

DMC sent to GTspirit.com a conversation between Greg and myself in regards to him "informing" me that the fitment on the Mclaren was "not perfect". He sends this in hopes that the public will know DMC sent out a prototype, that all parties involved knew of the work needed to be done on the mclaren, and that it will save what is left of the joke that DMC.TUNING.Germany

Gregs statement: http://www.gtspirit.com/wp-content/upl…

Firstly, when does a TEXT FILE, that can be typed up by my 10 yr old cousin, constitute as proof that a conversation happened. Regardless, it doesn't matter, that conversation did happen.


However, whats interesting is the DATE at which this conversation took place - February 7th 2013.

Heres a screen shot of the conversation - Notice the date


Check this out -
1) heres a purchase order for the Mclaren "prototype" from my company to the German

2) heres the purchase order being emailed to DMC



If the PO was made and sent to DMC on the 29th, this clearly means the deal was done a week or two PRIOR.



Side Note: I had no initial intention to release such information to the general public. However, I really feel like I am forced to protect my name and that of my company's. the SOLE reason why i left DMC was b/c of their shady practices...but MORE IMPORTANTLY, I dont want my name being associated to such a scam of a company.


[Update #4] This update coincides with the 2nd update and includes some other information as well. When all of this started to unfold, I contacted GTspirit and tipped them off to SenorCeeb's posts. GTspirit has featured DMC plenty of times so I felt that GTspirit needed to address this serious issue. Today, Thursday May 23rd, GTspirit published their article. In conjunction with SenorCeeb, it has been revealed that DMC has tried to create ANOTHER company to continue ripping people off. Here is that information.

GTspirit's article can be found here: http://www.gtspirit.com/2013/05/23/dmc…

SenorCeeb posted this information in release 5.0...

I guess the questionable work ethic of DMC.TUNING.Germany does not stop at China Manufactured re-branded kits.

I'd like to bring your attention to a company called Titav Exhaust Systems Germany. This product is actually on DMC.TUNING.Germany's lovely site.


Here's the link: http://dmc.ag/overview.php?a…

Upon further investigation in to the origins of Titav, I found some questionable pictures of "Titav exhaust systems Germany", similar to DMC.TUNING.Germany's kits, they were linked to China. The Titav exhausts are made/ also sold by a company called Jiajun Auto Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from Guangdong, China.


Here's the link: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/477…

Similar to the DMC.TUNING.Germany kits, Titav Exhaust Systems Germany used pictures identical to those found on a China based website. This time the photos were on Alibaba's site. Alibaba is kind of like a Chinese version of Ebay.

Then SenorCeeb goes into the information I posted in Update #2. After this part of his release 5.0 post, he continues on with this information...

I know I posted about DMC.TUNING.Germany's photos being photoshopped in the last couple posts. But this one takes the cake. I don't watch too much T.V but I still got a good laugh out of it. So what's DMC.TUNING.Germany's favourite T.V show? If this photo is reflective of DMC.TUNING.Germany's favourite shows, it'd be CSI Miami. From my understanding it's the CSI Miami headquarters in the show. There is a good reason for this, hang on...


Here's DMC's rendition of CSI Miami


Here's the link: http://www.gtspirit.com/2011/07/22/off…

Here's the original


Here's the link: http://flymotor.net/product.asp?So…

So let me get my thoughts in order.

DMC.TUNING.Germany is selling kits that are produced in China.
DMC.TUNING.Germany is branding them as their own.

Titav Exhaust Systems Germany is selling exhausts made in China.
Titav Exhaust Systems Germany is branding them as their own.

Both "companies", if you can even call them that, are playing off of each other. As shown by the DMC.TUNING.Germany's Aventador catalogue.

Here's the link to the site: http://dmc.ag/overview.php?a…

Based on Flymotor/DMC.TUNING.Germany's LP570 Toro kit press release, it is in fact not Alibaba that is copying DMC/TITAV's pictures but rather DMC/TITAV (Greg Schoner) being lazy and copying and re-watermarking and photoshopping the Chinese manufacturer's pictures.

Why do I suspect it's Greg Schoner behind both companies now? Well take a look at the sites. They are identical.


Here's the link: http://www.dmc.ag/

Here's the link: http://www.titav.com/

Then SenorCeeb goes on to talk about the GTspirit article. I will not post any of that article here as I would rather readers go over to GTspirit to read it. In the end, the truth is out, DMC Tuning 'Germany' / Titav are frauds! These two companies take the credit for parts produced by other companies and then sell them to unsuspecting customers! Greg Schoner, you may be able to fool the automotive community for a while but not forever. Eventually, everyone will know you for the con man that you are.